Bedazzled Bengal Queen Phatima

Four generations from the Wild Asian Leopard is a Charcoal Snow Bengal female. She is still gaining her beauty as she started out as a snow white Bengal Kitten with light markings on her face. The snow leopards will continue to change until 18 months to 24 months. She is always happy, and playful and very curious. Phatima is a loving girl! Phatima will produce Charcoal Snow Rosetted, Lynx Point Snow, Brown, Black Rosetted, several shades of Silver Rosetted Bengal kittens when bred to Prince of Wales, and Snow Silver Rosetted Bengals. Queen Phatima is still evolving in her colors and Rosettes.

This is our sweet Queen Phatima as a Bengal Leopard Kitten.  She started out snow white with light brown facial markings. In this picture she is slowly starting to evolve and get some Rosettes lightly developing. The Snow leopards develop in color, from birth until about 24 months old.

Bedazzled Bengal Queen Amiera

Queen Amiera (F4), five generations from the Wild Asian Leopard is a Brown and Black Clouded Rosetted Bengal Leopard female. Amiera is  a stunning beauty!! Loving and quiet, curious and always ready to romp and play! Amiera will produce, Clouded Brown and Black Rosetted, Lynx Point Snow, Charcoal Brown and Black Rosetted, and Charcoal Rosetted Bengal Kittens.

Bedazzled Bengal Queen Miya

Queen Miya (F4), four generations from the Wild Asian Leopard. Queen Miya is a Mink Snow Leopard. Miya looks like a piece of art!

Miya is sweet, loving, and  cunning!!! Miya will produce, Mink Snow Rosetted, Lynx Point Snow, Brown and Black Rosetted, and, (Silver Snow Rosetted, when bred to  Prince of Wales our Silver Charcoal stud), Bengal Leopard Kittens.

Bedazzled Bengal Queen Rayvin

Queen Rayvin (F2), two generations from the Wild Asian Leopard has the Wild Asian Leopard Gene. Rayvin is a Silver Charcoal Clouded Rosettes Bengal Leopard female. Rayvin has the wild look but exceptionally loving, sweet, and loves to romp around and play. She is an exotic stunning beauty!  Rayvin will produce, Silver Rosetted, Clouded Silver Charcoal Rosetted, Charcoal Rosetted, Brown and Black Rosetted, Lynx Point Snow, and Melanistic Bengal Leopard Kittens.

Aristocrat Bengal Queen Mardi Gras

Queen Mardi Gras is the mother of Queen Rayvin (above). She is a Silver Charcoal Bengal Leopard female. Rayvin's Grandmother is Queen Nirvana (below).

Aristocrat Bengal Queen Nirvana

Queen Nirvana a Wild Asian Leopard is Rayvin's grandmother.