The Difference With Bedazzled Bengals

At Bedazzled Bengals we strive to instill in our Bengals a well rounded physical and mental foundation on which you and they can achieve a bond and an unconditional love that is seldom seen in human relationships.

Born in our home and raised there until they go to their new families, Neurological stimulation helps the Bengal Kittens to have confidence, feel secure, and have less of a stress reaction to change. Helping to make a calm transition from our home to yours. A Bengal Kittens brain is learning and growing rapidly the first few weeks of life.

We start Neurological Stimulation on day 3 and continue until day 16.  Neurological stimulation is a variety of stimulation and conditioning exercises that reduce stress response and increase tolerance of stressful situations, promote greater resistance to disease, increase adrenal system function, strengthens the heart and immune system.

Neurological stimulation includes but is not limited to, tactile stimulation between the toes(tickling their toes and rubbing between each toe), holding the Bengal Kitten up vertically for 3 to 5 seconds, holding the kitten upside down, holding kitten gently on back in your hands  3 to 5 seconds, placing the kitten on a cold towel letting move off on their own put no more than 3 to 5 seconds. Handling extensively, brushing, cuddling and talking to the baby Bengals. We teach basic commands early on such as no and be nice.

We pray our efforts will increase the happiness you and your Bengal baby share. Our endeavors make an exceptional Bengal baby ready for adventures and training.