Pricing Criteria for choosing a Bengal Cat

The most important thing, is getting the right kitten for you and your family. Each Bedazzled Bengal has its own personality, and we try to assist you in getting the Bedazzled Bengal with a personality that will closely match your family. Breeding Bengal Leopards is not an easy task. It requires a considerable amount of time, patience and lots of LOVE! We deliver every baby, than we spend weeks bottle feeding and burping our kittens. As they grow, we continue providing all of the most nutritious foods and vitamins a Bengal kitten needs for optimal health and personality. Hours of Tender Loving Care, socialization, teaching manners and training goes into raising the Bengal Leopard kittens. Bedazzled Bengals are priced individually by pelt requirements, generation, and outstanding pedigrees. Bedazzled Bengals price that is listed is for companion. Please inquire for showing or breeding prices. All of our Bengals are of show and breeding quality. Breeding rights are limited due to this amazing line of Early Generation Bengals.

Pelt Standard

The more Exotic the Pelt pattern on the back, and the rosettes will affect the price. Plus how close the Bengal Leopard is to  the Wild Asian Leopard. When determining the price of a Bengal Leopard kitten, they need to have all the required characteristics of the Bengal breed. Bengals always have a very soft Fur Coat, and they do not shed.

Early Generation Bengals have extremely low FEL D1 protein in their Saliva. It is the protein that causes itching, sneezing, itchy eyes and triggers allergies. Early Generation Bengals have extremely low, low shedding from their pelts. There is no cat that is 100 percent hypoallergenic. Bengals are listed as one of the best cats to have with people with Allergies.

Golden Glitter Throughout Pelt


4 Black Bands Run from the Forehead to the Back of the Neck


Stripes and Spots on Legs




Lighter colored hair around the eyes.


Heart-Shaped Rosette and Clouded Rosettes.


Black Eyeliner


Light Whisker Pads with Black Lips.


Black Necklace


The tail should be Rosetted, or Ringed with a Black Tip at the end.


Light Belly with Black Spots & No Rib Bars

Notice how black lines do not cut across the belly.