Previously Sold Bengal Leopard Kittens

Some of the kittens that have been bred in our Cattery and then sold to loving homes. If you are interested in owning a kitten, visit the Available Kittens page or Contact Us.

Previous kittens from King Bagheera and Queen Miya

Princess Roxy


Black and Brown Clouded Rosetted with Silver highlights. Roxy is a Silver Charcoal Bengal Leopard Kitten with gold glitter already on her pelt.

Prince Orion


Prince Orion is a Charcoal Snow male. He has striking Aqua eyes and is a piece of work in progress, like his mother Queen Miya. Orion is a Silver Snow Bengal Leopard kitten.

Previous kittens from Queen Rayvin

Princess Tatiana

Tatianna she is a rare color combination of Silver Mink Snow and she is stunning.

Princess Selene

Princess Selene is a Silver Charcoal female

Princess Silvie


Silver Charcoal Clouded Rosetted, early generation. Here she is settling in with her new family in Henderson, Nevada. Happy and sweet.

Previous Kittens from Queen Phatima

Princess Sauvignon

Female, Snow Charcoal, Born Sept 6th.

Princess Taurasi

Female, Black and Brown Clouded Rosetted kitten.

Princess Riesling

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Female, Charcoal Snow. Born Sept 6th 2023. 5 months old. She will develop in beauty like her mother Queen Phatima until 2 years old. All kittens are Health Tested.